«Everything is beautiful, only the unpolished heart makes ugly things.»

«Love thins the veil that separates us from the divine Reality. We feel a deep joy because of this proximity and we are then invaded by the perception of beauty.»

«Love is the horse of mind. It is through him that we know everything.»

Sidi Hamza

Knowledge by experience

If spiritual realities are veiled to the sight (Baçar) are only perceptible to vision (baçîra) of the heart (qalb), it is possible to grasp the meaning of hidden things only with the help of a spiritual experience. Sufis consider this experience as an education (Tarbiyya). It is necessary, they say, to re-educate the soul whose “raw” reality (opaque) is interposed between the heart and vision of spiritual realities.

Mystical experience is the passage of a conscience (shû`ûr) from sacred in power to act in an embodiment of the sacred human condition. Through the unveiling of Divine Truths, the individual through two significant levels of spiritual consciousness states (hâl) and spiritual stations (maqâm).

The spiritual state (hâl) is seen by Sufis as a feeling that emanates from the depths of our being. This is a “meeting” (wajd) of the soul in welcoming state, with divine enlightenment. It can be a state of nostalgia (shawq) to awe (hayba), fulfillment (bast) … It occurs stealthily and remain out of control. The hâl disappears as quickly as it came.

Spiritual station (maqâm) is more durable than the previous experiment. This is the strengthening of hâl in consciousness. Thus the state (hâl) gratitude (al-Shukr) which, in experiments, appears and disappears, becomes a permanent station once fully realized. The maqâm is a “spiritual home” (Manzil), a step lodging for the traveler.


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3 Responses to Travels…

  1. cahincaha says:

    Salam aleikum
    Is this Sidi Hamza Boudchich ? Whatever, thanks for your blog it is beautiful

  2. baobab says:

    PS : “Do not desire the hâl, the hadra, the opening, visions, etc. Desire only the knowledge of God. Other desires may corrupt knowledge of God.” (Sidi Hamza)

  3. cahincaha says:

    Salam are you part of boutchichiya ?I took on me to put a link to your blog on minefriendly yours,

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