Light is pronounced word

The Envoy of Allah – upon him the grace and peace ! – Said about his Lord – may He be exalted ! -:
“The light is His Sail”;
he also said :
“Allah has seventy – or seventy thousant – veils of light and darkness, alternating”;

When he’s been asked – on him Grace and Peace! -:

“Did you ever see your Lord ?!”

… he replied : “Light ! How is that I could see Him ?”

NB : This is a common misnomer to say that we “see” light. Indeed, this would require having an “other” light to shine the first one !
Light is actually “that mean by which we see the matter, thanks to its interaction through it”. Therefore it is never possible to see the light itself. No scientist to date is able to claim to have seen a speck of light, much less present you a picture… Also, we do not “see” God. It is through Him that the world is perceived.

At the same time, he said that “Patience”, which corresponds to fasting and pilgrimage was a “flash of light”. Indeed it clears for you what was confused, as the brightness of the light allows you to see things. Light has no other effect than to hunt the dark while its brightness causes the discovery and intuition.

He said: “Two joys belong to fasting: one when he breaks his fast …”, this applies only joy his animal spirit, “… the other when he meets his Lord”: this joy there relates his “talking soul” (nafs nâtiqa) and its “core lordly” (latifa rabbâniyya) because fasting leads to the meeting of Allah, that is to say, contemplation (mushâhada).

reported by Ibn Arabi

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==================================== «Et ils t'interrogent au sujet de ton Seigneur. Lumière !... Comment Le verrais-je ?» ==================================== «And they ask you about your Lord. Light !... How can I see Him ?» ====================================
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